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Blow molding is a manufacturing process for forming hollow industrial parts and containers out of thermoplastic materials. We are interested in all aspects of blow molding: ranging from machinery, tooling and auxiliary equipment, to polymer properties, processing, and fabricated part testing.

The mission of the Blow Molding Division is to “ promote, communicate and disseminate knowledge relating to the Art and Science of Blow Molding technology.”

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Feature Paper or Presentation

Featured Paper or Presentation on Blow Molding

Check out this link for a paper or presentation on a subject concerning Blow Molding. The papers come from our Annual Blow Molding Conferences (ABC) and presentations at the SPE Blow Molding Division ANTEC sessions. We will update this feature on a regular basis so please stop back.

Want to Learn & Help?

Want to Learn and Help?

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Student Contests

Student Design Contest

Student Design Competition Winners

The SPE Blow Molding Division announces winners of the Annual Student Design Contest. How do I participate in the Student Design Contest?