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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Blow Molding Division's Lifetime Achievement Award, the Division's highest award, is bestowed upon an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievements and contributions to the business, science and technical engineering aspects in the field of blow molding.

The awardee is selected by the Blow Molding Division's Board of Directors from nominees sponsored by the members of the Society of Plastics Engineers and include a consideration of the candidate’s professional record inside and outside of the industry and the continuing effects the candidate’s work has had in the industry. The awardee is presented with an engraved plaque during the Awards Program and Reception at the Annual Blow Molding Conference and a donation in their name is made to the Division’s Grant Fund.

Lifetime Achievement Winners


2018    Dr. Emmett Crawford & Dr. Thomas J. Pecorini, Eastman

2017    Marcel de Botton, President,  Logoplaste 

2016    Bob Jackson, Founder, Jackson Machinery, Inc.

2015    Stephen Spence, Founder,  Spentech Plastic Container, Inc.

2014    Robert Kleckauskas, President , Arrow Plastic Manufacturing Company

2013    Carl D. Ring, Chairman, Ring Container Technologies

2012    Donald C. Graham, Founder,  The Graham Group

2011    Frank G. Hohmann, Founder, FGH Systems Inc.

2010    Brooks Heise Sr., Founder, Heise Industries

2009    Thomas E. Brady, Founder,    Plastics Technologies, Inc.

2008    Richard Smith, Founder and Owner, Agri-Industrial Plastics Company

2007    William Gaiser, Founder and Owner, Broadway Companies Inc.

2006    Martin Stark, President,  Bekum America Corporation

2005    Dr. Saleh Jabarin, Director,  Polymer Institute - University of Toledo

2004   Robert Delong, Solvay Polymers Corporation

2003   Michael Gigliotti, Monsanto Plastics

2002   Robert Slawska, Founder, Proven Technologies

2001   Ralph Abramo, Founder and Owner, R. J. Abramo Associates

2000   Willi Muller, Founder, W. Muller KG

1999   Fred Biesecker, Founder and CEO, Drug Plastics

1998   Cliff Baker, Uniloy

1997   Mike Schmidt, CEO and Founder, ABC Group - Rexdale, Ontario

1996   Jerome S. Heisler, President, Delaware Barrel & Drum and Container Corp. of America

1995   Sam Belcher, Founder and President, Sabel Plastechs, Inc.

1994   Yataro Yoshino, Founder and President, Yoshino Kogyosho - Tokyo

1993   John W. Raymonds, Founder, Captive Plastics

1992   John Szajna, Elmer Mills / Con Can

1991   Dewey Rainville, Founder and PresidentRainville Injection Blow Machines

1990   Don Peters, Phillips Chemical Co.

1989   Frank Wheaton, Wheaton Plastics

1988   Katashi Aoki, Founder and CEO, Nissei Plastics/Aoki Technical Laboratories, Japan

1987   Dennis Hunkar, Founder,   Hunkar Company

1986   Sam Rupert, Uniloy

1985   Gottfried Mehnert, CEO and Founder, Bekum Machinery Co. - Berlin, Germany

1984   Charles Sewell, CEO and Founder, Sewell Plastics and CKS Plastics