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The Journal of Blow Molding

Peninsula Publishing, LLC, the publisher of Plastics Machinery Magazine and Plastics Recycling, is pleased to partner with the SPE’s Blow Molding Division on The Journal of Blow Molding (JBM).  JBM will provide technical and industry information to its readers and furthers the division’s mission to promote, communicate and disseminate knowledge relating to the art and science of blow molding technology.

The new JBM reaches over 6,000 industry professionals through expanded distribution to the blow molding demographic of Plastics Machinery Magazine with each issue delivering leading technology perspectives from experts at processors and suppliers of machinery, materials and tooling.

Readers will be informed about issues, market opportunities and division advocacy efforts geared to increasing the profile and understanding of the blow molding process. JBM is your industry’s publication—an “all blow molding, all the time” journal.

For information about contributing content or purchasing ad space, please click here for the 2018 Media Kit.