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Annual Student Design Contest

The Society of Plastics Engineers SPE Blow Molding Division conducts an Annual Student Design Contest to promote interest in blow molding applications.

The Blow Molding Division offers $1,000 for 1st prize, $750 for 2nd prize, and $500 for 3rd prize to a student or group of students who submit the winning entries.

A travel allowance is also offered so the winner(s) can present their proposal in a poster at either an upcoming SPE Annual Blow Molding Conference or ANTEC.

The submission criteria are included in the submission outline.
Submission Deadlines:
Enrollment Form: February 28, 2018
Final Project Submission: April 27, 2018

Submission Instructions: Submissions should be made electronically to the e-mail address shown below:
Student Design Submission Form 2018