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Thank you 2018 Division Sponsors!!

The mission of the Blow Molding Division is to
“ promote, communicate and disseminate knowledge relating to
the Art and Science of Blow Molding technology.”

Our Sponsors make this happen.

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Without the support of our Division Sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to do the following:

  1. Bring together industry leaders to discuss issues, advancements and solutions, and impact the national dialogue in the blow molding industry.
  2. Demonstrate leadership by actively participating in the latest research and discussion of issues facing our industry.
  3. Promote and recognize innovations in design and manufacturing through the Blow Molded Parts Competition.
  4. Support the next generation of blow molding professionals by awarding academic scholarships and grants to students
    to assist them in their studies in blow molding.
  5. Provide an unparalleled networking platform for industry professionals .
  6. Partner with academic institutions to deliver specialized, blow molding technical training.
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