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The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Division. The following responsibilities are specifically reserved to the Board, and cannot be delegated.

  • Establish and amend Division policy manual.
  • Adopt the annual budget.
  • Elect Division officers.
  • Elect alternate Councilor.
  • Elect Director to fill vacated term.
  • Authorize requests for S.P.E. technical conference.
  • Authorize special fund raising activities.
  • Approve committee appointments.
  • Establish a Division policy guide for making financial decisions.

The Board has the power to delegate responsibility for any other Division activity consistent with the S.P.E. Constitution or Council rulings. The Board is required to meet at least three times per year.


The Division Board of Directors is composed of at least twelve elected Directors, the Chairperson Councilor, Technical Program Committee Chairperson, Past Chairperson, Chairperson Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Terms of Office

An elected Director serves for three years beginning at the ANTEC following his election. A Division Officer serves on the Board, concurrent with his term as an Officer, beginning at the conclusion of the Annual Technical Conference following his election. Director elections will be held after the winter Board meeting each year with the results announced prior to ANTEC.

Eligibility Requirements

Every Board member must be an S.P.E. member of voting grade in good standing at the time of nomination, election, and during his term. An elected Director may succeed himself.

The Division Board of Directors may declare a Director’s seat vacated upon receipt of his/her resignation in writing or orally submitted at a Board meeting. The Board may declare a Director’s seat vacant whenever the Director fails to meet eligibility requirements, fails to perform duties, or for any other causes which in the judgment of the Board justifies removal, or has two unexcused absences or three total absences in one term (normally 3 years).

Election of Directors

As the close of each fiscal year, the terms of one third of the total number of elected Directors shall expire. Directors are elected each year. The Council Representative is elected every three years. (see Division Procedures Manual). They shall be elected by secret mail ballot to the Division membership as provided by the Bylaws with at least two candidates for each position to be filled.
Board members and Officers failing to attend two consecutive Board meetings shall be considered to have resigned their elected positions, except for excused absences.


Meetings of the Board of Directors are called by the Chairperson and must be held at least three times a year. One meeting shall be held in conjunction with the annual Division meeting at the Annual Technical Conference.

For the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board, fifty percent (50%) of the Board members shall constitute a quorum. The favorable vote of a majority of the Board at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be required to carry any motion, except where otherwise provided.

Written notice and the Order of Business must be mailed to all Board members and Committee Chairpersons at least one week ahead of each meeting. The Order of Business (docket, agenda) is prepared by the Chairperson and Secretary.

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