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Blow Molding Division Committees

Want to help but not ready to commit to an officers position, then join a committee and have a great time while gaining valuable experience!

  1. Standing Committees
    • Awards
    • Membership
    • Nominating
    • Marketing/Web Site
    • Technical Program
  2. Ad hoc Committees:
    • Various ad hoc Committees may be established as needed by the Chairperson with Approval of the Board of Directors.
  3. Membership of Committees
    • Membership on Committees, except where specified, is open to all members of the Division.
    • Committee Chairpersons will provide a list of their Committee member appointments to the Division Chairperson for his/her approval. Committee Chairpersons with the approval of the Division Chairperson may remove or replace Committee members who are not performing their duties.
    • To help out just go to the sponsors page and look at the SPE Blow Molding Board of Directors

Contact one of the committee chairperson’s and you are on your way….

Welcome aboard!!!

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