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The name of the organization shall be Blow Molding Division of the “Society of Plastics Engineers,” hereinafter referred to as “Blow Molding Division”, a voluntary organization of SPE members.


The Division shall be composed of those members of the Society having an expressed interest in all aspects of blow molding. By their own decisions, members of the Society choose to become primary or secondary members of the Division. All members are considered equal, and are eligible to vote on affairs of the Division, hold committee appointments, and be a Director of the Division. Student members are eligible to vote. A Councilor may not be an affiliate member.


  • The Blow Molding Division will provide an organized forum for the promotion and dissemination of information on the science, engineering fundamentals and applications of blow molding.Blow molding is a manufacturing process for forming hollow industrial parts and containers out of thermoplastic materials. Blow molding can be defined as a low pressure process which blows a hot hollow preform into a larger more complex hollow shape.The preform is clamped in a closed mold while air or liquid is introduced into the preform, expanding it to its final shape. The formed part is held in contact with the cavity walls until it cools sufficiently to retain its final shape. The mold then opens, the part is removed and the process is repeated. Blow molding is a high speed process ideally suited to producing hollow parts with relatively thin walls.
  • It shall be the aim of the Blow Molding Division to disseminate technical information relevant to the blow molding industry, to the SPE membership, to educational institutions and to other technical societies peripheral to the plastics industry. This will be done through technical meetings, liaison with educators, publications and newsletters. It will maintain listings of speakers and films on subjects within its area of interest. The scope of its interest will include blow molding machinery, tooling and auxiliary equipment, processing, product testing, and material evaluation. It will also direct its efforts toward augmenting the membership for the SPE and its Division.

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